Monday, September 29, 2008

Prime Minister Apologizes to Europe - What Next?

Our Prime Minister - Sardar Manmohan Singh went all the way to Europe to apologize for "mistreatment" of Minorities(Christians) in India.

Wow!! What a great feeling!!!

First thing, I had assumed for the last few years that Manmohan Sarkar was the PM of India. And, that Christians were Indians too. Also, that any problems we have as regards to proselytization and the violent reaction to it, I assumed it was a problem Indians faced that Indians would resolve through an Indian government elected by Indian People.

But, now that we have a Vatican Stooge Bitch as the Super-Prime Minister of India, every time a Christian is attacked next, Manmohan Singh will go all the way to vatican to give the Pope a real feel-good Blow-Job to satisfy the cockles of the Christian Souls out in Europe.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feudalism or Democracy - I am confused

Why do Elected Political Leaders in a So-Called modern day democracy like ours behave like they are kings ready to dole out largesse to the Public at large?

As we are approaching General Election season, Karunanidhi in his typical feudal fashion and Pannayar-Attitude announces Rs.2 a Kg of Rice through the PDS. Who the fuck is he kidding? Where does he get the right to take tax-payer money and spend it out on subsidies? Who gives him the right to take out tax-payer money and dole it out on TV Sets to every single household in TN?


Really, WTF?

The audacity of the political class is only matched by the ignorance and dumbness of the TN-people - us. If you look at general make or break issues in elections in TN - Tamil Language, Support for Eelam, Subsidies and Freebies and thats it . Thats it.

The fault is with the people more than the Politicians that exploit them as such. Tamilnadu people are like dogs running after biscuits. Naayinga. At least street dogs are better. Theru Naayikku 5 Arivu dhaan. It can be excused for thinking the way it does. But, Tamil Makkal - we are another class altogether.

I doubt if there is more than one arivu in us. The Salivating-Arivu(Sense of Smell that makes us secrete fluids from our mouth). As soon as a politician gives freebies that is enough to sway an election. Maananketta Jenmams is what us Tamil Makkal are.

What about issues like Healthcare(the condition of the Public Health Centers), Education, Emergency Medical Services, Basic Roads in decent condition(Am not talking about GQ-quality roads), Law Enforcement(outlaws and their in-laws make our laws today)?

As long as Tamil people are given a TV-Set and some stupid Emotion-Milking TV-Serials running all day, we are happily intoxicated!!

CM is required to be present at every Vayasukku Varra Function in Chennai.

It has become a tradition for the Tamil Cinema folks to call Karunanidhi to every single Kaadhu-Kuthal/Vayasukku-Varra function in Tamilnadu.

And it has become equally a fashion for our ever-youth(or anything that rhymes with that) CM to drag his senile derriere at all these functions instead of functioning as the Administrator of the state.

Sooth-Sayers do not portend any good for the state in the future as the infamous Sons will take over after the cockroach eventually expires out of old-age-syphilis.

And, as Rowdy-Azhagiri tries to muscle his way from Madurai to Chennai, Progress and Administration is the last thing we can expect from the Political Class in TN.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cinema-World Chief Minister...

Tamil Cinema-World still consists of Half-baked egoistic movie makers that refuse to grow out of the 70s-Mentality of Tamil Cinema. 

These idiots like to ass-lick whoever is the current Chief-Minister to get tax-breaks on their sub-standard puke worthy products so as to break even on movies that not many sane people will pay to watch. This is not a new trend. 

But, Karunanidhi as chief-minister has benefited from this tremendously. Being old and senile and out of hands-on administration(Stalin-being the defacto CM now), MK passes his old age and time by hopping from one cinema-function to another. This asshole cannot walk on his two-legs, has contracted syphilis from his womanising ways in the past(and this has affected his vision), always is clad in a yellow shawl to ward away the evil-eye and has not looked the Tamil People in the eye ever. But still, this old fuck wants to be at cinema-functions where incapable directors and actors fall at his feet and lick his ass. There must be something wrong with Tamil Pan-baadu and kalaacharam that we allow this polygamous womaniser to dominate the political climate this way. The lesser said about the alternatives(JJ, Vijayakanth, Sarathkumar etc.) the better.

When will TN see its vidivukaalam? When will TN people see a leader that will think in Modern-terms about progress for the people? Yeppo? Yeppo? Yeppo?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hypocrisy has no better Representative...

Karunanidhi has been the most manipulative and cunning politician India has seen till date. Yet, the tamil people seem oblivious to his misdeeds and enjoy their TV shows on their Free TVs.

I have been searching all over the internet for any article panning the performance of this government. There are blogs exclusively dedicated to discussing and criticising politicians, politics and society in Karnataka...and despite being a debate-oriented culture, we have none. Why is that?

There are a host of areas I would like to discuss about the Karunanidhi regime and its performance, but let me get started with this as my first post.

For starters, I did find a pretty detailed analysis of Karunanidhi's rise to power and the idea of mass-adulation of Tinsel-town professionals in Tamilnadu.


...though blessed with excellent organization skills, oratory and mass adulation, Karunanidhi relied too much on his manipulatory cunningness and vanity. He wanted to be the ‘leader’ badly and out-foxed his seniors and contemporaries in DMK by devious methods. Initially, it was E.V.K.Sampath in 1961. Nedunchezhiyan was first outsmarted in 1969 and MGR was thrown out of DMK in 1972. Whereas Sampath and Nedunchezhiyan failed to tackle Karunanidhi effectively in politics, MGR succeeded in keeping Karunanidhi in political dog house for 11 years from 1977 to 1987. Nedunchezhiyan left Karunanidhi’s DMK and joined with MGR in 1978, and later even served as Jayalalitha’s Number 2, until his death in 2000....

Read the entire article here