Friday, September 26, 2008

Cinema-World Chief Minister...

Tamil Cinema-World still consists of Half-baked egoistic movie makers that refuse to grow out of the 70s-Mentality of Tamil Cinema. 

These idiots like to ass-lick whoever is the current Chief-Minister to get tax-breaks on their sub-standard puke worthy products so as to break even on movies that not many sane people will pay to watch. This is not a new trend. 

But, Karunanidhi as chief-minister has benefited from this tremendously. Being old and senile and out of hands-on administration(Stalin-being the defacto CM now), MK passes his old age and time by hopping from one cinema-function to another. This asshole cannot walk on his two-legs, has contracted syphilis from his womanising ways in the past(and this has affected his vision), always is clad in a yellow shawl to ward away the evil-eye and has not looked the Tamil People in the eye ever. But still, this old fuck wants to be at cinema-functions where incapable directors and actors fall at his feet and lick his ass. There must be something wrong with Tamil Pan-baadu and kalaacharam that we allow this polygamous womaniser to dominate the political climate this way. The lesser said about the alternatives(JJ, Vijayakanth, Sarathkumar etc.) the better.

When will TN see its vidivukaalam? When will TN people see a leader that will think in Modern-terms about progress for the people? Yeppo? Yeppo? Yeppo?

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