Sunday, September 28, 2008

CM is required to be present at every Vayasukku Varra Function in Chennai.

It has become a tradition for the Tamil Cinema folks to call Karunanidhi to every single Kaadhu-Kuthal/Vayasukku-Varra function in Tamilnadu.

And it has become equally a fashion for our ever-youth(or anything that rhymes with that) CM to drag his senile derriere at all these functions instead of functioning as the Administrator of the state.

Sooth-Sayers do not portend any good for the state in the future as the infamous Sons will take over after the cockroach eventually expires out of old-age-syphilis.

And, as Rowdy-Azhagiri tries to muscle his way from Madurai to Chennai, Progress and Administration is the last thing we can expect from the Political Class in TN.

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