Monday, September 29, 2008

Prime Minister Apologizes to Europe - What Next?

Our Prime Minister - Sardar Manmohan Singh went all the way to Europe to apologize for "mistreatment" of Minorities(Christians) in India.

Wow!! What a great feeling!!!

First thing, I had assumed for the last few years that Manmohan Sarkar was the PM of India. And, that Christians were Indians too. Also, that any problems we have as regards to proselytization and the violent reaction to it, I assumed it was a problem Indians faced that Indians would resolve through an Indian government elected by Indian People.

But, now that we have a Vatican Stooge Bitch as the Super-Prime Minister of India, every time a Christian is attacked next, Manmohan Singh will go all the way to vatican to give the Pope a real feel-good Blow-Job to satisfy the cockles of the Christian Souls out in Europe.


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Aravindan said...

Neenga solluradhu correctunga..!!! Only the other day there was this cool blog in which the author had striked out viciously on a comment from Karan Thappar.. Will it become, like the countries would be differentiated based on religion..??? The only decision could be that a law should be made to ban proselytization..